Challenge: Chaos.

“My meeting´s fallen through”.  Snape vanished the letter. “I have this afternoon free”.
“Could you . . .” .
Cover for you Minerva? The Headmaster´s been busy of late. You must feel snowed under. That said, the plants in greenhouse two will die if they´re not . . ..
 “Or eat someone,” Pomona interrupted.
“How long, exactly, is it since you had time off Poppy? And you mentioned your sister?”
Snape lifted an apple from the bowl. “Let me know what you decide.” Flitwick was out the door ahead of him. “Classics” or no, he was part goblin.
“You bastard.”


EMI for the lose.

A track by Amaral that I think my mother might like. Her Spanish is a bit rudimentary so I find it on youtube with the lyrics in English.

Only not.

For the usual idiotic reasons.

I´ve paid for the album but I´m not sure where the hell I put it and I can´t find the external DVD dirive and anyway, I´d need still to find the lyrics in English.

And yes, some small quantity of wine has been involved.

Stupid. Stupid.

She´s buggered off to her bed. She hasn´t heard and so doesn´t like something she would have, I think, have liked and probably have been prepared to pay for.

Sleaze: the extradition of Gary McKinnon.

Duck houses and moats worry me less than the fact that our esteemed government have decided to hand a man who went looking for UFO’s to a group who have, apparently, expressed the wish to see him 'fry'.

On the basis of suspicion only. Under an Extradition act that works only one way.

So cunning and dangerous is Mr. McKinnon that he miscalculated the time difference and attempted to take control of a computer whilst someone was working at it.